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Indoor air quality solutions have been positioned as a luxury but we at ActiveBuildings believe that it is a human right that everyone is entitled to. We are actively working towards the mission of making clean indoor air accessible for everyone.

Read about our efforts in our communities so far.



Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin's organization in India, Balvi, has associated itself with ActiveBuildings with a partnership of USD 1 million to deploy 10,000 Air Cleaners in sensitive areas like schools and hospitals as well as 5,000 air quality monitoring sensors to monitor the effectiveness of these air cleaners in the next one year.


CAWACH grant by the Department of Science and Technology for tackling COVID in India: 2020

ActiveBuildings was endowed with a grant of 45 lakhs by CAWACH. With the help of this grant, we were able to create the Bubble PAPR, a unique personal protective equipment for frontline workers and COVID warriors so that they can breathe freely and safely, communicate well and not feel choked by prolonged usage of their protective gears.


Low Cost, Effective air cleaner donation drive: 2021

A Gofundme campaign was started by Indoor Air Quality Experts and engineers from the US to develop a solution that can curb the spread of COVID in India. With this fundraiser, ActiveBuildings raised 7000 USD that enabled us to develop and disburse over 120 low cost air cleaners to health care spaces and local schools.


ActiveBuildings x Naata Foundation

ActiveBuildings in association with Naata Foundation donated our Bubble Air Cleaner to squatter maternity dispensaries while protecting oneself from airborne viruses, polluting particles all of which can have harmful impact on humans, especially expecting mothers and infants.

Air pollution is not just an air quality problem, but a health emergency. Number of diseases and deaths attributable to breathing polluted air are rising everyday, and low-income communities are most vulnerable due to lack of resources to fight the battle against air pollution. ActiveBuildings has launched a community initiative - Sarva, to look after the air quality concerns of the economically weaker sections of the society.

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