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Redefining healthy homes with clean air technology

Everyday products and activities like wall paint, cleaning chemicals, gas stoves, sanitizers, agarbattis, cooking, dusting, tobacco smoking add to high levels of pollutants in our home air. Damp walls, moisture accumulation, mold, weather conditions and outside pollution also worsen the indoor air quality.

We breathe 11,000 litres of this poor household air everyday on an average and open ourselves to a variety of diseases and health issues.

Solutions by issue

Quick Air Quality Test

A simple one-time air test can show you the hidden pollutants in your home air with quantitative data and suitable recommendations.


Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are the most effective technology for maintaining clean indoor air in our homes and other indoor spaces.



Ventilation Management & Purification Systems for clean and fresh air with a 4-stage filtration process.


Pre filters, HEPA, Activated Carbon - any kind of filter you need for any device, we can custom build for you.


One time Quick Air Test at just ₹699/-

Meet Our Clean Air Patrons
Rajesh iyer.jpeg

“Back in 2021, my kids and I caught Covid, meanwhile, my wife was okay. We initially got an air test done by ActiveBuildings to make sure we weren’t spreading the virus. However, the test ended up showing how bad the PM2.5 was in our house. We got the AB450 purifier which made a noticeable improvement in the air and we’ve been using it ever since.”

Rajesh Iyer, 51, Country Head, Mumbai

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