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Headaches make life harder

Headaches and migraines can be a symptom of breathing poor indoor air. Homes with limited or no ventilation can lead to a high buildup of Carbon Dioxide in the indoor air from human metabolism alone. When there is no provision of circulation of fresh air from outside, we breathe in more CO2 which causes headaches, nausea, lethargy, sleepiness, reduced cognitive functioning and dizziness. Additionally, fumes from household chemicals, formaldehyde, gas emissions from cooking stove, combustion activities can also cause headaches.

Are headaches that serious? 


Headaches make our lives harder. It reduces productivity and focus. Be it office work, studying or even sleeping, elevated CO2 affects our daily activities. Sometimes these headaches can be a sign of Sick Building Syndrome. SBS is a situation where an occupant feels acute physical discomfort or health problems during the time spent in a building, but no specific illness can be identified. This is usually due to unhealthy air and environment of the indoor space.

Are you vulnerable?


High CO2 and other pollutants lingering in the indoor air from lack of ventilation can cause symptoms in a person of any gender, or age group despite good physical health.

How to fix it?


If your headaches seem to vanish when you step out of the house, it is most likely due to lack of fresh air in your indoor space. Facilitating ventilation and circulation of outside air through open windows and doors can help improve oxygen levels in your rooms.


Suggested Solutions:


Air Purifiers



If you are unsure of the issue in your home air, book an air quality test or talk to us about your concerns.

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