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Odors are a disaster in waiting

Odors, strong smells are a tricky problem. A stench is an indication that something is wrong - chemical fumes, toxic gases, mold, clogged pipes. But covering up these odors with air fresheners, scented candles and incense sticks can have even worse health effects on the people breathing that air.

Odors affect more than your nose 


Depending on the sensitivity of a person, strong smells can lead to a variety of symptoms such as headaches, nausea, eye irritation, coughing, difficulty breathing. But another problem is the embarrassment it brings. Imagine trying to cover up an evident stench in the house, but your guests end up inhaling a combination of chemicals and gases that smell even worse than before.

How to fix it?


While air purifiers with HEPA filters can take care of mold spores, formaldehyde, and toxic particles, an Activated Carbon filter is what really helps with strong smells. However, an air quality test is the best way to identify the source and find a long-term solution.

Suggested Solutions:


Air Test


Air Purifiers

If you are unsure of the issue in your home air, book an air quality test or talk to us about your concerns.

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